Ooh She Bad… Ursula’s Fountainhead Pat Carroll

When I was 4 years old there was one movie that I watched every single day for a year and while using the arm of the couch as my own personal Part of Your World rock.  Yes, I’m talking about The Little Mermaid.  You already knew that though because you were one of the millions of girls who flipped her hair while bursting through the surface of her pool and insisted on combing her hair with a fork you stole from the dishwasher.  Ariel is my spirit animal and to be honest I’m still not convinced that I am not actually a mermaid.

So where would Ariel be without the bodacious, purple-skinned sea witch Ursula? Probably still pining for Eric, the sexiest cartoon ever drawn, and moping around the ocean listening to Dashboard Confessional. Ursula is easily one of the best Disney Villains to ever grace my VHS collection and the sassy dame behind her is equally fabulous.  The illustrious Pat Carroll first came into my life before the tender age of 3 if you can imagine as the wicked stepsister Prunella in Rogers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella.  Another magical movie that I watched until the tape was scratched.  Here she is on the left in all her glory with Jo Van Fleet and Barbara Ruick.

Ugh, I still want that hat!  What can I say this babe was born to be bad.  Pat Carroll is even more adorable in her golden years and I literally squealed with delight when I saw this video of her riding the Under the Sea ride at Walt Disney World for the first time.

Her laugh still haunts my dreams.  Hats off to you Pat Carroll for being one classy broad.


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