The Disney Surprise

This is totally something I’m going to do to my kids one day.  Look at Lily’s reaction to her surprise ditching of school and trip to Disney.

This isn’t even the first time her parents have done this to her!  See the first video here. Fool me once shame on me, fool me twice… doesn’t matter, we’re still going to DISNEYLAND!  The thing that absolutely makes this video is Lily’s little sister Chloe and the look on her face.


Basically I’m going to use this gif forever.  I love you Chole, you are the Rosie to your sister’s Sophia Grace Brownlee.  How could you not dress that adorable little face up like a villain while her older sis is the princess?

All of this Disney anticipation has caused me to A.  Be so excited about my vacation next week I can no longer do any more work and B. Look up my all time favorite Disneyland commercials.  I still quote this little boy when I’m too excited to sleep… adorbs


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