Spell Block Tango

So this morning I woke up to one of the best videos I have ever seen in my entire life.  Not in any way am I exaggerating when I tell you it is the "Spell Block Tango."  Watch it immediately below and see you favorite Disney Villains in their rendition of "Cell Block Tango" from… Continue reading Spell Block Tango


Grim Grinning Ghosts

As Halloween approaches I'm super nostalgic for my Sing Along Songs, most specifically Disneyland Fun.  I was so enthralled and scared by this clip and for the longest time I was afraid to ride The Haunted Mansion because I thought live people were on the ride and ready to jump out and scare you.  That… Continue reading Grim Grinning Ghosts


Costumes Galore!

The first of the Halloween parties are happening this weekend so I hope you guys have your costumes together.  I've already seen some amazing ideas including a guy who made himself a map of Disneyland!  Now that is some incredible sculpy work.See how he made it here. I always have a hard time deciding what I… Continue reading Costumes Galore!


Boo! Here Comes Creepy

It's getting super Halloweeny around here and I spent this morning at work watching Ellen scare the crap out of her coworkers making them go through a haunted house. Hilarious.  Check it out here if you have time.  The best/worst part of getting scared is when something non-threatening suddenly becomes threatening.  In the spirit of… Continue reading Boo! Here Comes Creepy


Tiny Bags and Clutches

I have started a collection of tiny bags and clutches and I pretty much want one for every outfit.  Ever since I started selling these silicone pouches in my shop I've been looking for the cutest bags I can get my paws on. There are some amazing and totally unique bags out there that will… Continue reading Tiny Bags and Clutches


Voice Actors of Disney

Voice acting is quickly becoming a hugely expansive interest of mine.  I completely blame my voice actor boyfriend for this but listening to his auditions and reads has kind of honed my ear and piqued my interest in the magic behind the beloved character who's voices have stayed with me since childhood. Although all you… Continue reading Voice Actors of Disney


Which Disney Villain Are You?

Happy Wednesday world!  To help get you through this hump day I'm going to help you figure out which Disney Villain you are.  Check out this awesome Buzzfeed Quiz to see which evil mastermind you most resemble muahahaa!  I just took it and I'm Ursula.  No surprise there, she is fabulous! Craving more villains?  Check… Continue reading Which Disney Villain Are You?


Disney Villians Take Over Disneyland

Well I was going to wait until closer to Halloween to post this but it is lighting up on YouTube.  Probably because it's the the cutest Disneyland Halloween Time commercial they have ever put out.  Check out the Disney Villains taking over the park and check out my Disney villain designs in the shop! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rQrZ1nRqWTU… Continue reading Disney Villians Take Over Disneyland


Eleanor Audley Part 2: Maleficent

Remember when I told you that there is just too much Eleanor Audley amazingness for one post?  I was not fooling.  Here is part two of the talent, the power and the sheer badassery that is the most famous villainous Disney voice of all time, Eleanor Audley.  In addition breathing life into Maleficent, she previously… Continue reading Eleanor Audley Part 2: Maleficent