Voice Actors of Disney

Voice acting is quickly becoming a hugely expansive interest of mine.  I completely blame my voice actor boyfriend for this but listening to his auditions and reads has kind of honed my ear and piqued my interest in the magic behind the beloved character who’s voices have stayed with me since childhood.

Although all you end up hearing is their voice that does not stop these amazing performers from acting out every line with the presence and passion you see on the screen or the stage. I’ve posted a little bit about the actresses that voiced the best Disney villains of all time not every one was the model and the voice although Hans Conried pictured below also did both.

HookHans Conried as Captain Hook for the full list click here

There is another level of magic that happens when the curtain is pulled back and you can see the genesis that made the spirit of these characters so real.  I am fascinated by the lot of them and plan to keep learning about them and posting my findings here!  I’ll leave you with this very well made little tribute video of a selection of some of the most iconic voice actors in the Disney archive.

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