Golden Girls

Which Golden Girls Character Are You?

As the week winds down and you are trying to fill the last few hours of work wishing you were in your bathrobe eating a pint of ice cream like me, treat yourself to this Golden Girls Personality quiz from BrainFall. I got Blanche... RAWR No matter which saucy lady is your match, you can… Continue reading Which Golden Girls Character Are You?


Maleficent: The Trailer is Here!

The time has come...  For the Maleficent trailer!! Sit back, relax and be awed... Can't get enough Maleficent to hold you over until the movie?  Check out my Etsy shop and get yourself some Disney Villain Greeting cards. Muahhaha!

Golden Girls

Golden Girls Re-stocked!

I have been a busy little bee brainstorming some new projects and cranking out more of the People's Choice Favorite The Punk Rock Golden Girls Coasters! Each one is hand painted in layers and sealed with a clear varnish.  A limited number are back up in the shop now and more are on their way.… Continue reading Golden Girls Re-stocked!

Love Actually

Love Actually Character Quiz

So you're back at work now and heartbroken that the holidays are over.  I know because I'm writing this from my desk at work while I take a break from the million emails I got while I was drinking tea and eating cookies while wrapping presents to Joni Mitchell. Here's a little treat for this… Continue reading Love Actually Character Quiz