Love Actually

The Five Love Languages Quiz

Happy Valentine's Day!  To celebrate here is 5 Love Languages Quiz by Gary Chapman that has helped so many people identify the type of love communication they crave.  So take the quiz, know your needs!  Have your partner take the quiz and communicate in their most dominant language. I'm pretty sure having a little bit… Continue reading The Five Love Languages Quiz


Disney Drinks! Deliciously Themed Cocktails

If you're having a themed party or just a really hard week, check out these cocktails themed after all sorts of Disney characters!  I would love to make one up for every single character in the Disney library and taste them all.  For now the standouts are obviously the villains and maybe even as soon… Continue reading Disney Drinks! Deliciously Themed Cocktails

Love Actually

Love Is In The Air

Valentine's Day can get really cheesy really fast, and most people I know have an attitude about it one way or another.  It's kind of like New Year's Eve in that they are both Gary Marshall films and there is this insane amount of societal pressure to have a great time and make out with… Continue reading Love Is In The Air


Disney Villains Perfume

I almost had a heart attack and emptied my bank account when my friend sent me this link.  Another dream in the making by an incredible designer/artist Ruby Spark.  The fact that they aren't real might be a good thing in the end because I would have purchased every single one of these Disney Villain perfume… Continue reading Disney Villains Perfume

Golden Girls

Golden Girls Legos

This has to be the best design project of all of Lego's history.  Misterr is trying to reach 10,000 supporters to create Golden Girls Legos!!!  You can read all about the designs and vote with your support here.  Help those numbers climb so this can be a thing that actually exists!   If there was… Continue reading Golden Girls Legos

Love Actually

Pillowcases on Sale!

It makes no sense that the month of love is the shortest of the year.  Make it special by snuggling up with your favorite someone with these one of a kind Love Actually Pillowcases.  The perfect Valentine's Day gift can be yours for the sale price today and throughout the month of February!  Visit my… Continue reading Pillowcases on Sale!