Love Actually

Love Is In The Air

Valentine’s Day can get really cheesy really fast, and most people I know have an attitude about it one way or another.  It’s kind of like New Year’s Eve in that they are both Gary Marshall films and there is this insane amount of societal pressure to have a great time and make out with someone.

If you’re already attached it’s sort of like your hand is forced to go out to dinner at an inflated rate or buy some kitch that you know the other person doesn’t really want.  You guys know what I’m talking about and it’s also hilariously depicted in this SNL commercial SNL Some Dumb Little Thing From CVS.

While the day can seem a bit over the top, the idea of picking a day to celebrate love is wonderful especially if that is love for yourself.  To celebrate that love I’m giving the Love Actually Pillowcases in my shop a coupon code for the month of February.  Whether you’re celebrating a loved one or treating yourself everyone deserves their bed to tell them they are perfect.


Type in LOVEISALLAROUND at checkout to get your discount!

Now because I love lovely things so much, here is a video of an adorable trained elephant painting a picture of an elephant and a heart tree.  Everything is beautiful and love is all around you 😉


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