Love Actually

The Five Love Languages Quiz

Happy Valentine’s Day!  To celebrate here is 5 Love Languages Quiz by Gary Chapman that has helped so many people identify the type of love communication they crave.  So take the quiz, know your needs!  Have your partner take the quiz and communicate in their most dominant language.

love languages

I’m pretty sure having a little bit of all of these is the most ideal, but knowing the ones you and your love respond to is so important.  You could be someone that shows love through Acts of Service but your partner may need Physical Touch.  What I love about this is that you are encouraged and challenged to use a love language that may or may not come as naturally to you.  Mine was far and away Quality Time with Acts of Service coming in last.  Time for me to work on my good deeds!

Here is what my results said:



To take the quiz, click here and Celebrate this V-day with some Love… Actually.  Pillowcases are still on SALE in my Etsy Shop!



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