Golden Girls

Golden Girls Script Prints Now Available

Don’t call it a comeback… no.  Call it golden.  After a spring hiatus the shop is back and fully in stock and to celebrate, I’ve added a brand new Golden Girls item for your purchasing pleasure.  The idea for this came from a custom order request I received from a gentleman in Brooklyn who was outfitting his retro bathroom to be Golden Girls themed.  He wanted my coasters but he wanted to hang them on the wall.  After some experimentation I think they came out lovely and really compliment his pink flamingo shower curtain.

Custom Coaster order (photo used with permission)
Custom Coaster order (photo used with permission)

This whole request got me thinking.  How can I use the Golden Girls art as wall decoration for the many many cheesecake eating souls out there that want the Girls on their bare walls?  After some failed experiments and a few terrible ideas, what has come out of this brainstorm is one of my favorite items to date.  I am happy to present you with the Golden Girls Script Print Series:

Each page is hand torn from a vintage book page of one of the original scripts from the Golden Girls TV show.  The pages are selected at random and no two are alike.  The page itself measures 3″ x 8″ and is mounted in an 8″ x 10″ float frame so it can be seen and read from all sides.

Available as individual framed prints or as a set of four.  Check out my Etsy shop and happy decorating!


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