First Crushes, Maleficent and Confessions

Ahh first crushes, mine was Wesley from the Princess Bride and I was 5.  I had no idea what that meant but all I know is that I would have done anything as YOU wish good sir.  Oh how the mighty have fallen past their prime since but come on can you blame me?


I guess I developed a thing for dual identities because next came Dean Cain in the New Adventures of Superman.  I could not help myself.  The glasses are on, the glasses are off, I had no idea how to deal with it.


Anywho speaking of first childhood crushes Kumail Nanjiani & Jonah Ray were recently on Conan and revealed that their first ever childhood crushes were animated Disney characters.


Kumail likes his bad girls and unapologetically has the hot’s for Maleficent now and then.  Watch the hilarious segment here and check out my Disney Villain designs in my Etsy shop!


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