Bridesmaids Etched Mirror Collection Now Available

bridesmaids (1) 2

Best. Movie. Ever.  You love it, your mom loves it, your aunt Nana watches it late at night on demand.  Bridesmaids might very well be the best female centric comedy this decade.  The quotable moments and the relatable ‘omg this is my actual life’ story line, have inspired inspire jokes and pee your pants laughter in panties all over the world.  All bathroom jokes aside, this eloquent film has also inspired a brand new item in my Etsy shop!  I am pleased to announce the Bridesmaids Etched Mirror Collection:

Served up in any of the fabulous frame colors pictured above you can get your very own affirmation mirror in white, turquoise or bright pink.  Each mirror is hand etched with Ellie Kemper’s famous airplane quote:

You’re more beautiful than Cinderella.

You smell like pine needles and

You have a face like sunshine.

It’s the perfect gift for yourself, best friend or your actual bridesmaids and each can be hung on the wall or rest on a tabletop.  The mirror itself is 5×7 inches and the frame is made of lightweight plastic for easy hanging.  This awesome girly addition to your dream room can be yours for $28 + SH.  Visit my Etsy shop and lock yours down today before they run out!



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