Pink Ladies

Pink Ladies Script Prints are Here!

It’s automatic, it’s systematic, why it’s a Greased Lightningggg!  If you were ever at any point in your life an American Teenager with a pulse (morbid, sorry), you’ve probably seen, sang, acted in or have experienced feelings from Grease.  This epic stage and film musical continues to awaken the youth and nostalgia in our red white and blue hearts  across the decades.  Whether you love it or hate it, we all know that you KNOW it and the story keeps getting resurrected again and again on high school theater stages every semester.  I myself had a run as costume designer for our High School production of the show and my best friend played Jan.  It was one of the best extracurriculars I ever participated in and I STILL have an unhealthy obsession with drive-in movie theaters.

For all of these reasons and because I can sing every line of every lyric from memory I decided to make my next big art project around the fierce four, the baddest bitches in pink, the original Mean Girls gang, the Pink Ladies.

These punk rock portraits of the Pink Ladies are printed over a page of one of the original shooting script from the movie Grease. Sold individually or as a set, these one of a kind art prints are the ideal gift for the Pink Ladies mega fan as well as the perfect addition to the chic and offbeat trendy home or office.

Each Pink lady is printed on 4.5″x 7.5″ sheet of vintage script paper in black ink and the following colors:

Jan (Jamie Donnelly) in Cotton Candy Pink
Frenchy (Didi Conn) in Bubblegum Pink
Marty (Dinah Manoff) in Bright Pink
Rizzo (Stockard Channing) in Dark Hot Pink

The print is mounted in the 8″ X 10″ back, pine, float frame. Included with the frame are wire table stand and hook and screws for mounting. The text from the script and the image itself can be seen from all angles. The scene of the script page is chosen at random and the only one of its kind.

Available as a Set of four $85 + SH

Individual prints $25 each + SH

Available on Etsy

Original art by Michelle Dante



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