Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Is Magic

Taylor Swift… my, my, my has she slowly seduced me.  I wrote her off for YEARS and now I see just how wrong I was.  Following her on Instagram give little pockets of explosion awesome and the way she treats her fans is the stuff of legend.  In honor of Taylor and all things girl, I’ve made 3 sets of custom magnet buttons for the shop.  These are going quick, so if you need a little Tay on one of your magnetic surfaces check out the shop and nab yours today.  There will never be a duplicate set made again!

11146366_648347301975917_1397232602726547320_o 11088741_648347298642584_1318090539232122297_o

Each set of 13 magnets is $17 + SH.

Now for Tuesday funsies let’s all take a Buzzfeed quiz called Which Taylor Swift 1989 Song Are You?

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 10.32.06 AM

I got Blank Space, which is the best song and video of the album ❤ If you don’t believe me, you’re wrong.



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