Painted Animals

They Do Move in Herds

Jurassic Park, The Land Before Time; whether you’re an 80s or a 90s baby chances are there was a dinosaur obsession phase in your childhood.  When I was seven I was hellbent on being a paleontologist because of an especially intriguing Zoobook in my collection.

The Land Before Time (the ORIGINAL) was in constant rotation in our VHS player next to Aladdin and Ducktales Treasure of the Lost Lamp.  I watched it so many times I had the Pizza Hut commercial memorized that played before it started on the video.  The one with the little boy in the bow tie going to the birthday party and all of the silly straws… you know which one I’m talking about.  I would go outside and collect my own tree stars.  When the first Jurassic Park hit theaters in 1993 I was not allowed to see it.  A couple years and countless illicit sleepovers later, I was hooked like everyone else.

Now 22 years and two sequels later the latest movie within the franchise is upon us!  Happy Jurassic World Day!  To celebrate, I am so pleased to showcase the newest item from the dream factory, these hand-painted and drilled dinosaur figurines.  Each is one of a kind and can be used as a holder for toothbrushes, air plants, pencils or pens.

This first collection features the vibrant colors you see below. Choose from the copper T-rex, the twin aqua and yellow brachiosaurs or the double holder, neon pink triceratops,

Now available in the Etsy shop

$28 + Shipping

Tell your kids, tell your wives, bring that dinosaur dream home with a pop of color in your bathroom or office.  Everyone who comes over will be like…



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