Harry Potter

Harry Potter Marauders Book Prints on Etsy

Today is the first day of Autumn.  Fall makes me think of back to school, sharpened pencils, crunchy leaves and warm scarves.  The only way I'm going back to school is if I finally get my letter from Hogwarts.  To celebrate the change in season and my insatiable appetite for HP once summer is gone,… Continue reading Harry Potter Marauders Book Prints on Etsy


Etsy Favorites Feature

Thank you @etsyfavorites for featuring me on Instagram today. More followers + more orders = more creating! Instagram: For my adventures Facebook: For extensive product photos Pinterest: For everything inspiring and beautiful Etsy: For shopping!


I Love Gold: Project Glamfan

I used to really dislike gold. I mean really not like it. I chose silver jewelry, silver everything all the time because gold felt tacky. I was probably rebelling against the gaudy 80s and the faux brass fixtures in my house growing up, but as of late I'm changing my tune. The style cycle continues… Continue reading I Love Gold: Project Glamfan


This is the Story of a Chair

Too long I have been away from this blog and neglecting to share all of the wonderful projects I have been working on. Moving, building my workshop, decorating and keeping up with the steady Etsy orders have made Jack a dull girl... Online. I've decided to expand the essence of this blog to go beyond… Continue reading This is the Story of a Chair