This is the Story of a Chair

Too long I have been away from this blog and neglecting to share all of the wonderful projects I have been working on. Moving, building my workshop, decorating and keeping up with the steady Etsy orders have made Jack a dull girl… Online.

I’ve decided to expand the essence of this blog to go beyond my products for sale and the fandoms they come from, and include my everyday projects and gift making that I do for me and my dear ones.

I’m made of home improvement projects these days and it’s time I shared some of that too! To kick things off, I present to you the most challenging undertaking of the year, the reupholstering of my parents’ old armchair.


This little beauty was bought in ’85 and graced our various living rooms across all our houses growing up. It was the “nice” chair we weren’t allowed to sit but certainly did anyway. After 30 years and at least 7 moves, she had taken some beatings and lost her twin sister along the way.  It was time for a facelift.

Boyfriend and I took a trip to Downtown LA’s fabric district and found the crazy purple fabric of our dreams at Michael Levine’s for I shit you not, a grand total of $35.  So far I was winning. I called on my seemingly all-knowing, innovative and talented friend @sarad314 who had done this before. Who showed up with her staple gun and a whole lotta chutzpah and we went to work.


After spray painting the legs matte black we ripped into this thing like the last wild buffalo and made slow progress over the weekends of the next 3 weeks. I’d like the record to show that the pace of our work was subject to Boyfriend’s continued help by pumping us full of fresh fruit margaritas while we worked. The curved arms and the wing backs were the trickiest and there was many a staple removed and replaced until my perfectionist goblin was satisfied.


When it came time for sewing a case for the cushion, I knew I was just kidding myself. I beelined for my incredible Godmama’s house and begged her to help. She is such a badass  that she took the cushion with no pattern and whipped out a PERFECTLY fitting case for it with a zipper on back in under three hours. Behold the goddess of sewing and her handiwork:


Just a few more margaritas while we stapled up the back and we were done. The entire project cost next to nothing and gave me the chance to spend some quality creative time with my fave ladies. Now Boyfriend and I have a new chair that no one is allowed to sit in!


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