I Love Gold: Project Glamfan

I used to really dislike gold. I mean really not like it. I chose silver jewelry, silver everything all the time because gold felt tacky. I was probably rebelling against the gaudy 80s and the faux brass fixtures in my house growing up, but as of late I’m changing my tune.


The style cycle continues and now gold everything is making a comeback and basic bitches everywhere are dipping, spraying and shellacking their shit gold.  I particularly fancy the white and gold decorating combo. If it were up to me I would redo my living room white and gold, but reality, Boyfriend and future puppies dictate a more durable color palette. I deserve to have some glamourous accents though, so I started with this glam fan makeover!


To call this a “project” feels like cheating because it was so simple and easy. I kidnaped Boyfriend’s old fan that was too ugly to be outside of the closet.  Carefully took each piece apart and washed them with soapy water.  I spray painted the fan cage only in metallic gold foil and voila!  The cutest fan in America!

For more white and gold decor check out the handpainted animal toothbrush holders currently on sale in my Etsy shop and Follow Avant Dante LLC’s board White and Gold on Pinterest.//


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