Holiday Gift Boutique

Well this was a first for me.  This past Sunday I teamed up with two of my incredibly creative and talented friends from Bella Star Jewelry & Analie and the three of us hosted a Holiday Gift Boutique.  We had our friends and friends' friends over for mimosas, brunch and shopping! It was such a… Continue reading Holiday Gift Boutique

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All of the Disney Love on Etsy!

There are so many amazing artists and craftsman out there in the Etsy marketplace and a good number of them are making totally original Disney themed products.  Here is another Buzzfeed gem for you of all the most swoon-worthy Disney Items for sale. Now we just gotta get my greeting cards up on Buzfeed muahhah… Continue reading All of the Disney Love on Etsy!


The Importance of Gift Giving

I was blown away this morning by this incredible commercial that is really a 3 minute long film about the power of generosity, karma and giving.  It had me bawling and wanting to give away every gift I've ever made.  While the items in my shop may not have life-saving capabilities like medicine and food,… Continue reading The Importance of Gift Giving