Fiddly- Doo and Other Golden Girls Swears


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They Do Move in Herds

Jurassic Park, The Land Before Time; whether you’re an 80s or a 90s baby chances are there was a dinosaur obsession phase in your childhood.  When I was seven I was hellbent on being a paleontologist because of an especially intriguing Zoobook in my collection.

The Land Before Time (the ORIGINAL) was in constant rotation in our VHS player next to Aladdin and Ducktales Treasure of the Lost Lamp.  I watched it so many times I had the Pizza Hut commercial memorized that played before it started on the video.  The one with the little boy in the bow tie going to the birthday party and all of the silly straws… you know which one I’m talking about.  I would go outside and collect my own tree stars.  When the first Jurassic Park hit theaters in 1993 I was not allowed to see it.  A couple years and countless illicit sleepovers later, I was hooked like everyone else.

Now 22 years and two sequels later the latest movie within the franchise is upon us!  Happy Jurassic World Day!  To celebrate, I am so pleased to showcase the newest item from the dream factory, these hand-painted and drilled dinosaur figurines.  Each is one of a kind and can be used as a holder for toothbrushes, air plants, pencils or pens.

This first collection features the vibrant colors you see below. Choose from the copper T-rex, the twin aqua and yellow brachiosaurs or the double holder, neon pink triceratops,

Now available in the Etsy shop

$28 + Shipping

Tell your kids, tell your wives, bring that dinosaur dream home with a pop of color in your bathroom or office.  Everyone who comes over will be like…


Taylor Swift Is Magic

Taylor Swift… my, my, my has she slowly seduced me.  I wrote her off for YEARS and now I see just how wrong I was.  Following her on Instagram give little pockets of explosion awesome and the way she treats her fans is the stuff of legend.  In honor of Taylor and all things girl, I’ve made 3 sets of custom magnet buttons for the shop.  These are going quick, so if you need a little Tay on one of your magnetic surfaces check out the shop and nab yours today.  There will never be a duplicate set made again!

11146366_648347301975917_1397232602726547320_o 11088741_648347298642584_1318090539232122297_o

Each set of 13 magnets is $17 + SH.

Now for Tuesday funsies let’s all take a Buzzfeed quiz called Which Taylor Swift 1989 Song Are You?

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 10.32.06 AM

I got Blank Space, which is the best song and video of the album ❤ If you don’t believe me, you’re wrong.


Oh Betty… you’re too good for words

The brassy dame tells Oprah what her biggest regret is, check out the article here.  Moral of the story ladies… JUST. SAY. YES. To life, to love, to everything that makes you grow.


And if reading it makes you have feelings like you need to hang this bitch on your wall immediately, go to my Etsy shop and get yourself a Golden Girls script print (pictured below).



Sad News for One Direction Fans but Hope is HERE


It’s a sad week for One Direction fans across the world.  The word is official that Zayn Malik, the tall dark and handsome one, (and my cousin’s favorite) is leaving the band.  He did give a little insight as to his decision which you can read about here.  Meanwhile, my attentions are turned to the thousands possibly millions of grieving girls across the planet with and I quote, “no reason to keep living.”

In an effort to address this problem, Avant Dante has put together two exclusive LARGE sets of 24 magnets of the band and each member now on sale in the Etsy Shop!  We are further softening the blow by offering and EXCLUSIVE coupon code for Directioners.  Visit the shop on Etsy, message us with your favorite One Direction lyric and which magnet set you want to unlock the savings code!

Here is a peek at the two sets:

1D DSC_0503


And now for a little pick-me-up:  11 Dads React to Zayn Leaving One Direction  These are HYSTERICAL.  Thanks Dads for bringing your dad humor to our overly-dramatic teenage lives. I appreciate you.

Holiday Gift Boutique

Well this was a first for me.  This past Sunday I teamed up with two of my incredibly creative and talented friends from Bella Star Jewelry & Analie and the three of us hosted a Holiday Gift Boutique.  We had our friends and friends’ friends over for mimosas, brunch and shopping!

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 5.15.23 PM

It was such a thrill to sell for the first time in person (I love my PayPal swipe).  Definitely going to make this an annual event for all you LA locals.  In preparation for this event I have at least 5 new items ready for the online shop so its not too late to get the same UHMAZING items in time for Christmas!

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Pink Ladies Script Prints are Here!

It’s automatic, it’s systematic, why it’s a Greased Lightningggg!  If you were ever at any point in your life an American Teenager with a pulse (morbid, sorry), you’ve probably seen, sang, acted in or have experienced feelings from Grease.  This epic stage and film musical continues to awaken the youth and nostalgia in our red white and blue hearts  across the decades.  Whether you love it or hate it, we all know that you KNOW it and the story keeps getting resurrected again and again on high school theater stages every semester.  I myself had a run as costume designer for our High School production of the show and my best friend played Jan.  It was one of the best extracurriculars I ever participated in and I STILL have an unhealthy obsession with drive-in movie theaters.

For all of these reasons and because I can sing every line of every lyric from memory I decided to make my next big art project around the fierce four, the baddest bitches in pink, the original Mean Girls gang, the Pink Ladies.

These punk rock portraits of the Pink Ladies are printed over a page of one of the original shooting script from the movie Grease. Sold individually or as a set, these one of a kind art prints are the ideal gift for the Pink Ladies mega fan as well as the perfect addition to the chic and offbeat trendy home or office.

Each Pink lady is printed on 4.5″x 7.5″ sheet of vintage script paper in black ink and the following colors:

Jan (Jamie Donnelly) in Cotton Candy Pink
Frenchy (Didi Conn) in Bubblegum Pink
Marty (Dinah Manoff) in Bright Pink
Rizzo (Stockard Channing) in Dark Hot Pink

The print is mounted in the 8″ X 10″ back, pine, float frame. Included with the frame are wire table stand and hook and screws for mounting. The text from the script and the image itself can be seen from all angles. The scene of the script page is chosen at random and the only one of its kind.

Available as a Set of four $85 + SH

Individual prints $25 each + SH

Available on Etsy

Original art by Michelle Dante


Jurassic World Trailer

I wasn’t going to post this but I cannot help myself.  The Jurassic World trailer dropped today and I’ve already watched it 34 times. I. CANNOT. WAIT.  As of now I have no concrete plans to make Jurassic Park themed products but this trailer has changed everything.  I have until June 12th to come up with something uhmazing for all y’all.

To the drawing board!

Golden Girls Little Known Facts & Coasters


Let’s face it, we all love the show and the characters but how big of a Golden Girls mega fan are you?  Huffington Post has some intriguing little known facts about the show and the girls!  Check out their list of little known facts and surprise your friends with your obscure and vastly important knowledge of all things Golden Girls.

And if you really wanna knock their socks off pick of a set of my hand-painted Golden Girls tile coasters that are now freshly back in stock in my Etsy shop!

Cinderella Trailer is Out!

As if Snow White and the Huntsman and Maleficent weren’t enough, (and Snow White wasn’t because of shitty Kristen Stewart), come March 2015 we can add another live action Disney fairytale to the list of revamped classics.  I do love a good Cinderella story as described in excruciating detail from this post.  This movie seems like its going to be a glossy reimagining befitting of the heroine rather than a gritty retelling like the first two films.  I’m already obsessed with the costumes and tickled pink that at least two of my fave Downton Abbey dames are in star roles.


Cate Blanchett looks FEIRCE as Lady Tremaine and I can’t wait to watch her have fun with this one.  Definitely the most “high society” of the Disney villains, this is going to be an awesome retelling.  Check out my shop and get started on your collection of Villain storybook prints with Lady Tremaine!

il_570xN.659893490_pih7Peruse your favorites and check out my Disney Villain greeting card collection as well.  These make the perfect gifts for Christmas!  Here is the Official Trailer to get you AMPED UP.