Disney Villians Take Over Disneyland

Well I was going to wait until closer to Halloween to post this but it is lighting up on YouTube.  Probably because it's the the cutest Disneyland Halloween Time commercial they have ever put out.  Check out the Disney Villains taking over the park and check out my Disney villain designs in the shop! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rQrZ1nRqWTU… Continue reading Disney Villians Take Over Disneyland


The Importance of Gift Giving

I was blown away this morning by this incredible commercial that is really a 3 minute long film about the power of generosity, karma and giving.  It had me bawling and wanting to give away every gift I've ever made.  While the items in my shop may not have life-saving capabilities like medicine and food,… Continue reading The Importance of Gift Giving