Golden Girls Go Funko

The Golden Girls getting Funko-fied!  Whether you are a collector of these crazy bobbly-heads or just adore the girls you probably need these to add to your cubicle or Golden Girls fan room to go with your Script Prints 😉


To celebrate here is the best rendition of the TV Show theme song that I have ever heard:


Golden Girls Little Known Facts & Coasters


Let’s face it, we all love the show and the characters but how big of a Golden Girls mega fan are you?  Huffington Post has some intriguing little known facts about the show and the girls!  Check out their list of little known facts and surprise your friends with your obscure and vastly important knowledge of all things Golden Girls.

And if you really wanna knock their socks off pick of a set of my hand-painted Golden Girls tile coasters that are now freshly back in stock in my Etsy shop!


The holidays are coming! If if you’re an awesome friend like me you will want personal and one of kind gifts to give your bffls and parental units.  Looks like Buzzfeed is already thinking ahead and put together this list of some great Golden Girls gifts!  Now who do I have to f— to get on there…


Just kidding, here is a photo of all dat sass and all dat ass.  We’ll be on there next time they do a Golden Girls gifts round up Bea, don’t you worry!  Check out their list here and more importantly check out My Shop for the BEST Golden Girls gifts you can get!

#BreakTheInternet #BeaTheInternet #StayGolden

The Golden Girls Documentary

Thanks to the magic of Youtube we can all relive the glory that is the Golden Girls Documentary on TV Tales! This nine parter is going to take me through the workday chock-a-bock full of behind the scenes, exclusive interviews of the late actresses and plenty of trivia.  Would you just look at all of those Emmys?

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 12.37.27 PM

Store update!  As of this morning Avant Dante is sold out of the Golden Girls coasters for the fifth time!  But don’t worry you can still order a custom framed script print of each girl in my Etsy shop!


You can watch the entire documentary by clicking the links below!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9

The Golden Girls Drinking Game

Friends, it is time we all got down to brass tacks here.  It’s time I give you what you really want.  Thanks to Buzzfeed I finally can. I present you with the Golden Girls drinking game

And while you are getting tanked with your favorite ladies set your drinks on these Golden Girls Coasters or even let your guests take a pee break while appreciating these Golden Girls Script Prints you have so expertly decorated your bathroom with.  Have fun and eat cheesecake responsibly.

Golden Girls Script Prints Now Available

Don’t call it a comeback… no.  Call it golden.  After a spring hiatus the shop is back and fully in stock and to celebrate, I’ve added a brand new Golden Girls item for your purchasing pleasure.  The idea for this came from a custom order request I received from a gentleman in Brooklyn who was outfitting his retro bathroom to be Golden Girls themed.  He wanted my coasters but he wanted to hang them on the wall.  After some experimentation I think they came out lovely and really compliment his pink flamingo shower curtain.

Custom Coaster order (photo used with permission)

Custom Coaster order (photo used with permission)

This whole request got me thinking.  How can I use the Golden Girls art as wall decoration for the many many cheesecake eating souls out there that want the Girls on their bare walls?  After some failed experiments and a few terrible ideas, what has come out of this brainstorm is one of my favorite items to date.  I am happy to present you with the Golden Girls Script Print Series:

Each page is hand torn from a vintage book page of one of the original scripts from the Golden Girls TV show.  The pages are selected at random and no two are alike.  The page itself measures 3″ x 8″ and is mounted in an 8″ x 10″ float frame so it can be seen and read from all sides.

Available as individual framed prints or as a set of four.  Check out my Etsy shop and happy decorating!

Golden Girls Legos

This has to be the best design project of all of Lego’s history.  Misterr is trying to reach 10,000 supporters to create Golden Girls Legos!!!  You can read all about the designs and vote with your support here.  Help those numbers climb so this can be a thing that actually exists!

Golden Girls


If there was a way to have these in my grabby little hands IMMEDIATELY I would make it so.  While we wait for these priceless little knobs of plastic to be creating and dream of a Golden Girls themed Legoland, you can have all the ladies on coasters now!  Check out my Etsy shop and pick up the last set I have in stock today!


Which Golden Girls Character Are You?

As the week winds down and you are trying to fill the last few hours of work wishing you were in your bathrobe eating a pint of ice cream like me, treat yourself to this Golden Girls Personality quiz from BrainFall.

I got Blanche… RAWR

Golden Girls

No matter which saucy lady is your match, you can get them all on coasters in my Etsy Shop.  Now that is something to drink to!

Golden Girls Re-stocked!

I have been a busy little bee brainstorming some new projects and cranking out more of the People’s Choice Favorite The Punk Rock Golden Girls Coasters!

Golden Girls Coasters

Each one is hand painted in layers and sealed with a clear varnish.  A limited number are back up in the shop now and more are on their way.  I am flattered and exhausted that I can barely keep up with the orders for these bad boys and so excited for some pretty epic new coaster designs.  Check out the shop listing for the full details and grab your set today before they run out again!

Time for a New Item for the Fall!

I am so pleased to announce that the next item for sale in the Avant Dante shop is here… Punk Rock Hand-painted Golden Girls tile coasters

So far they have been a big hit and I have sold a sizable handful to friends and family.  All of the details can be found on the Shop page and if you’re ready to make a purchase that can be done on Etsy.  I love these sassy old biddies and now they can live in your chic apartment or trendy office in the form of travertine tile coasters.

Perfect for gift giving season so be sure to tell the Golden Girls fan in your life…thank you…for being a friend!