Cinderella Trailer is Out!

As if Snow White and the Huntsman and Maleficent weren’t enough, (and Snow White wasn’t because of shitty Kristen Stewart), come March 2015 we can add another live action Disney fairytale to the list of revamped classics.  I do love a good Cinderella story as described in excruciating detail from this post.  This movie seems like its going to be a glossy reimagining befitting of the heroine rather than a gritty retelling like the first two films.  I’m already obsessed with the costumes and tickled pink that at least two of my fave Downton Abbey dames are in star roles.


Cate Blanchett looks FEIRCE as Lady Tremaine and I can’t wait to watch her have fun with this one.  Definitely the most “high society” of the Disney villains, this is going to be an awesome retelling.  Check out my shop and get started on your collection of Villain storybook prints with Lady Tremaine!

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Disney Villain Quiz

Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 2.56.05 PM

It’s Friday!  Let’s celebrate with this Disney Villain Quiz from Zimbo.  Ever wonder which Disney villain you’re the most like?  Here is your chance to find out.  Boy was I way off base, apparently I’m Gaston.  Hahaha… nope. Except for the Handsome cleft in my chin obviously…

Gaston post


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Into the Woods Trailer is out!

I’m so excited I can’t even handle it!  Into the Woods is coming to theaters Christmas Day!  Nothing could be more right up my alley. Fairytales…check, musicals… check, Meryl…check. Oh yeah and Chris Pine, double check. For a taste of the movie watch the trailer here:


Happy Halloween from Avant Dante

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Another Uhmazing Disney Villain Music Video

It’s that creepy time of year again where villains rum amok!  Halloween is tomorrow and instead of posting something Halloweeny lets change it up with Oh My Disney’s new villain music video with re-worked lyrics to One Republic’s Counting Stars!

These costumes are on point. Ja’dore. The goal is by year’s end ALL of the ones in this video will be available as book prints in my shop!  For now you can satiate your appetite with four of these one of a kind prints featuring the Disney villainesses.



First Crushes, Maleficent and Confessions

Ahh first crushes, mine was Wesley from the Princess Bride and I was 5.  I had no idea what that meant but all I know is that I would have done anything as YOU wish good sir.  Oh how the mighty have fallen past their prime since but come on can you blame me?


I guess I developed a thing for dual identities because next came Dean Cain in the New Adventures of Superman.  I could not help myself.  The glasses are on, the glasses are off, I had no idea how to deal with it.


Anywho speaking of first childhood crushes Kumail Nanjiani & Jonah Ray were recently on Conan and revealed that their first ever childhood crushes were animated Disney characters.


Kumail likes his bad girls and unapologetically has the hot’s for Maleficent now and then.  Watch the hilarious segment here and check out my Disney Villain designs in my Etsy shop!


Iconic Villains And Their Inspirations

Everyone is obsessed with the idea of the Disney villain.  In fact, and working on a new top secret item to be released later this summer in my Etsy shop.  In researching everything it took to create these characters it is pretty remarkable to see the actual people who inspired these classic characters.  See some of the iconic individuals who inspired my favorites and see the full list on the Chive

disney-10Queen Grimhilde – Joan Crawford

disney-18Ursula – Divine

disney-6Maleficent – Eleanor Audley

disney-0Cruella – Tallulah Bankhead

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Maleficent’s Fearless Daughter


Besides being breathless with anticipation for the release of Maleficent, this story of Angie with the kids on set is pretty precious.  All of the little actor children that were selected to play young Aurora were too terrified of her to shoot the scene.  Her daughter Viv was the only one not scared of her mommy and appears in the film alongside her mommy!

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Maleficent: The Trailer is Here!

The time has come…  For the Maleficent trailer!!

Sit back, relax and be awed…

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Costumes Galore!

The first of the Halloween parties are happening this weekend so I hope you guys have your costumes together.  I’ve already seen some amazing ideas including a guy who made himself a map of Disneyland!  Now that is some incredible sculpy work.


See how he made it here.


I always have a hard time deciding what I want to be but God help me I always end up back at Disney villains.  I made one come true a couple years ago as Cruella and i had a BALL.  Maybe I’ll have to take the next 5 years and be a new one of my Lady Villains each time.  It is almost always made in the makeup.  Check out some of the cleverest costumes and hysterical handmade pieces on my Pinboard for last minute inspiration