Another Uhmazing Disney Villain Music Video

It’s that creepy time of year again where villains rum amok!  Halloween is tomorrow and instead of posting something Halloweeny lets change it up with Oh My Disney’s new villain music video with re-worked lyrics to One Republic’s Counting Stars!

These costumes are on point. Ja’dore. The goal is by year’s end ALL of the ones in this video will be available as book prints in my shop!  For now you can satiate your appetite with four of these one of a kind prints featuring the Disney villainesses.



Disney Villains Perfume

I almost had a heart attack and emptied my bank account when my friend sent me this link.  Another dream in the making by an incredible designer/artist Ruby Spark.  The fact that they aren’t real might be a good thing in the end because I would have purchased every single one of these Disney Villain perfume bottles without a second’s hesitation.

Disney villains

Check out the full post bout them here and if you’re hankering for some Disney Villain swag you can ACTUALLY buy, visit my Etsy shop to get your set of Disney Villain greeting cards today!


Twisted: The Untold Story of a Royal Vizier

Okay I’m totally going to fangirl for a second… From the creative geniuses that brought you A Very Potter Musical (ie Darren Criss’ college theater company Starkid) come their new musical Twisted.  It is the story of Jafar as the protagonist in a Wicked meets Aladdin musical mashup, and it will be yours to watch on Youtube and DVD this Thanksgiving!  Wildly funny and musically creative these guys turn. it. out.  I see some veteran cast members as well as fresh faces and I can’t wait.  Watch the trailer below!


Disney Villians Take Over Disneyland

Well I was going to wait until closer to Halloween to post this but it is lighting up on YouTube.  Probably because it’s the the cutest Disneyland Halloween Time commercial they have ever put out.  Check out the Disney Villains taking over the park and check out my Disney villain designs in the shop!

It’s the most WONDERFUL time of the yeaaaaarrrr!


Disney Swag at Hot Topic

Holy shopping spree Batman, I come back from vacation and my roommate and best friend drops some knowledge on me that Hot Topic is now featuring what is maybe the most amazing and eclectic Disney swag of all time.  We used to shop at Hot Topic all the time in high school, not for cheap gothic chains and stuff but for the amazingly random vintage style tee’s and sweatshirts from our favorite old school shows and movies.  I can safely put my hand over my ass and say I would have DIED for this collection when I was sixteen.  Cut to my online shopping spree in the dead of last night that set me back at least $100.  Basically what I am trying to tell you is I am still sixteen on the inside.

I had to share this amazing collection with you guys so you can grab your favorite animated movie cell on a sweatshirt, tank, belt, skirt or even leggings.  That’s right, leggings.  Here are some of my faves (obviously the villain ones) and you can view the entire Disney collection here.

Ursula and Ariel tank

Zomg Ursula & Ariel

Jasmine & Jafar tights

Holy crap Jasmine & Jafar

Beauty & the Beast tank

Beauty and the Beast stained glass… are you kidding me?!

I went overboard.  You should too while they last and if you wanna get really nutty, check out my Disney Villain Greeting cards on Etsy!